Our Firm

Sandra Kobel, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® is an Independent Financial Services Professional who specializes in assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to prepare for their future and their retirement. She routinely helps savvy professionals make smart decisions about their money.
Customized Financial Advice. Using her proven six-step process, Sandra guides you in setting priorities, organizing your assets and setting long-term financial targets that support your desired lifestyle. The personalized, comprehensive plan becomes your roadmap to long-term financial freedom.
Flexible Tactics. Whether your need is a retirement plan detailing how best to leverage your financial assets before and after you retire, or you need assistance with other financial decisions your plan is a dynamic document. As your life situation evolves and changes over time, Sandra works with you to adapt your portfolio to your new financial needs.
Developing A Plan. Applying her years of experience and expertise, Sandra can help you prepare for a comfortable life transitioning away from work and into financial freedom.  
For a complimentary consultation, email Sandra at: Sandra.Kobel@NextFinancial.com or call 585-233-8037.